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Live Your Intention

The place where intentions become reality

Live Your Intention - Own Your Power

  • Live your intention organizes the powerful tool of intention into areas that relate to different aspects of one’s life by making it easier to understand and manifest a personal intention.
  • Live Your Intention is unique in that the intention setter recognizes how patterns are manifested in a person’s action, body, workplace and ultimately transformed into the world.
  • Learn how to invite and pull situations, people, and events into your life based off the intentions acted upon.

Be Your Best Self

  • Live Your Intention provides tools that will help expand intentions into action.
  • Expand your intention further through the Live Your Intention study groups, home study course and retreats.
  • The intention group environment will connect you with other intention setters, thus raising your intentions to a higher vibration.
  • You will learn how to connect body, mind, soul and the environment together as a whole, raising the energy level of your intentions.
  • In turn, you will be aware of the messages that are already presented to you from the divine and how to use these messages to Live Your Intention.


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Live Your Intention Study

Live Your Intention Study

Live Your Intention 9 Week Study

Limited to 9 individuals for 9 weeks.

Live Your Intention 9 Month Study

Nine month intention study. Digging deeper to connect body, mind, soul and environment.

Group Retreats

Would you like to participate in a group Live Your Intention Retreat? A place where you can unwind, get grounded and focus on your intentions. This is limited to a group of 9 for 3 days. We meet for a few hours each day, sharing our intentions and creating intention boards. Group sessions can be a powerful benefit as this expands our intentions beyond ourselves, helping each other grow.

Live Your Intention Study Schedule

LYI 9 Week Study

Jan – Feb 2025

LYI 9 Month Study

Jan – Sept 2025

LYI Retreat

Oct 2025

Intention – A thought that becomes reality through intent and action. What are you intending today?

Fall Retreat

Location: TBA

When: Sept/Oct

This fall intention retreat is for a group of 9, a meeting of the minds. For the intention buddies that seek to expand their intentions beyond the pages and into the world through group intentions. Are you ready to OWN YOUR POWER? I AM!

Take Your First Class for Free

This is an opportunity to take the first week of the 9 week study class for FREE!

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