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What Is Intention?

Intention is an idea that you plan to carry out, otherwise known as intending to do something. Intention is a goal, purpose, aim, plan, motive, desire, wish, well as you can see the list can go on but bottom line is what you mean to do. We can have all good intentions on taking out the trash but if we don’t actually do it, well then it’s just a thought that does not come to fruition.

How Long Have You Studied Intention

Since 2006, during my feng shui training I became interested in researching intention and the power of thought. 

What Do I Need for the Study Sessions?

Obviously you need a computer or cell phone for the calls or recordings. You will need pen and paper, a journal is perfect. We do have suggestions for journals, ask when you submit for more info. There are a few books that are recommended but are purely optional, this is about YOU and YOUR Intentions! Remember, if you don’t start from point A by signing up, you will not get anywhere near your intention, it’s all about action. 

What Is the 2025 Retreat?

The retreat is a small group of 9 people that will meet in person. We will have a few hours each day, sharing our intentions and creating intention boards. Group sessions can be powerful, expanding our intentions beyond self, helping each other grow. Be ready to OWN YOUR POWER! Ask for further info.

Is My Info Private?

Yes, absolutely private with the head intention buddy!

What If I Miss A Study Session?

You will have access to the recorded call. However if you need a one on one with an intention buddy, that can be arranged.

How Long Are Weekly or Monthly Classes aka Study Sessions?

The 9 week study sessions consist of

  • one 30 minute one on one (private session)
  • one 30 minute group study session once a week.
  • Plus your time with self, building upon your weekly intention.

The weekly sessions are a bit more intense and we spend more time together as a group. This is for someone that is ready and willing to get those intention juices flowing! The weekly study is limited to 9 people.

The monthly study sessions consist of

  • 30 minutes each month for 9 months
  • 15 minute bonus call with someone that specializes in the monthly group intention
  • Plus your time with self, building upon your monthly intention.

The monthly sessions give you more time to spend on each of the monthly intentions. You are part of a much larger group as there is not a limit to the amount of people that sign up for the monthly sessions.

Take Your First Class for Free

This is an opportunity to take the first week of the 9 week study class for FREE!

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