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Live Your Intention

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If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't you'll find an excuse.

Intention – A thought that becomes a reality through intent and action.

What are you intending today?

Become a Better, Stronger YOU

Classes & Retreats

Intention study and intention retreat

Learn how to invite and pull your intentions to you through tools that break down aspects of your life making it easier to understand and manifest a personal intention.

Intention Classes

9 Week Study

Limited to 9 individuals for 9 weeks. Get your 1st week free.

9 Month Study

Nine month intention study. Digging deeper to connect body, mind, soul and environment.

Live Your Intention Study

Become An Intention Buddy

Expand your intentions with a buddy system, a group of like minded individuals that WANT to help each other move towards their intentions.

Fall Retreat 2025

Intention retreat is for a group of 9, a meeting of minds. For the intention buddies that seek to expand their intentions beyond the pages and into the world through group intentions. Are you ready to OWN YOUR POWER? I AM!

TBA – Will be announced soon

TBA – Will be announced soon.

Take Your First Class for Free

This is your opportunity to take the first week of the 9 week intention study for FREE!

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